It’s all about what suits you

Download our residential brochures to discover a practical guide to navigate the construction industry, compare prices and read insights on how to leverage the benefits of modular housing solutions and stop wasting time, money, energy and resources.


An easy way to build

A partner of choice building long-term relationships because relationships trump transactions!


When choosing the right partner

With a partnered approach we are able to offer flexibility in design. We are not slaves to standardisation... We break boundaries to ensure you get the homes you need.


The system and approach is easy...

A light gauge steel frame system, known as ‘modular’ or ‘volumetric’. Our modular homes are constructed from steel and are precision engineered. Simply simple!


...and mortgageable

As part of the BOPAS accreditation process our residential system has undergone rigorous quality reviews under the Building Offsite Property Assurance Scheme to give you the best possible chance of mortgageability.


With industry expertise

A 13 year history and experience in multi sectors we've done it all.

Contactable and dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced, there’s no better team to have on your side.

safe hands

You're in safe hands

From handshake to hand over, every member of our team makes sure that you are in safe hands throughout the journey and are fully informed of all the milestones along the way. That’s a promise!

The industry’s abnormal is our normal and we love a challenge. With so many new modular housing start-ups providing so many different solutions it can be hard to know where to look. M-AR was founded over a decade ago with one goal… to be the industry’s ‘GO TO’ team who always put the customer’s success first…it’s been part of our DNA ever since.

Today we are a main contractor with a factory along with the same internal stakeholders and an experienced team made up of top-tier main contractors and modular experts. With no external stakeholders or influences. 

We are agile and flexible, making decisions FAST (but we are also different in our approach to you). Relationships trump transactions and we always focus on building long-term relationships.

Off-site / MMC / modular / volumetric construction can be a very confusing arena for the unfamiliar, with many interchangeable terms that only industry professionals know and understand so we have decided to keep it as simple as we can.

Modular housing solutions that suit you without the bluff and bluster!


M-AR added value right away, with their expertise as a modular contractor to make the project an efficient and cost-effective build. You couldn’t tell it wasn’t a traditional build, even to the trained eye. However, what was different was the attention to detail and quality control.

Siobhan Moore - Director

Housing 21

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If you like what you've seen so far and are ready to get some technical details, standard modular house type specifications and even our prices, you can download part 2 of our residential brochures here. Although we don't do 'Cookie Cutter' homes, we have made a few standard house types which will allow you to compare our offering in the market. 

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