Like traditional, only...predictable, collaborative & FAST!

There is no mystery once you get transparency. Underneath the skin our modular homes are standard stuff. We use the same materials you would expect to see on a traditional site, the only difference is it’s made in a factory.

Modular homes construction is:

  • Efficient
  • Scalable
  • Sustainable for generations
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Steel framed module

From a steel framed 'module'

All of our modular homes are designed for Manufacture and assembly (DfMA) and it all starts with universal steel framed system.

DSC_3880 Low Res

with standard materials 

Homes are finished up to 90% before delivery. Internal & external finishes are fitted in a quality controlled factory environment

Ward Court 016_2005

to finished homes

The housing modules are assembled on-site, groundworks are completed and the finishing touches are added and it's all in a days work.

What we're going to cover

At M-AR we don’t believe in ‘Cookie Cutter’ houses. We believe in homes that are sustainable for generations to come, so one size rarely fits all.


SO what’s so different about us?

We think differently!

The industry’s abnormal is our normal and we love a challenge. With so many new modular home start-ups providing so many different solutions it can be hard to know where to look. Not only do we think differently, we act differently.

From our inception over 13 years’ ago we have been developing our craft across multiple sectors. Today we are a main contractor with a factory along with the same internal stakeholders and an experienced team made up of top-tier main contractors and modular experts. With no external stakeholders or influences!

We are agile and flexible, making decisions FAST (but we are also different in our approach to you). Relationships trump transactions and we always focus on building long-term relationships.


Talking your language

Off-site/MMC/modular/volumetric construction can be a very confusing arena for the unfamiliar, with many interchangeable terms that only industry professionals know and understand so we have decided to keep it as simple as we can. That being said, there are some terms we need to use because it’s what we do, so at the back of our brochure you will also find our glossary of terminology and some of the top FAQ’s and some SAQ’s (Should ask Questions) just to give you a helping hand.


What are modular homes? 

Well, to start with, we need to expel some myths about Modular homes. Modular building does not necessarily mean pre-fabricated, post war cabins. Modular, (commonly known as volumetric) is a 3D load bearing unit, designed and manufactured in a factory and then transported and assembled on-site.

Modular construction is just like traditional construction… We just build them in a factory!

There are many types of modular homes as every company has their own system, but our system is universal. We use all the same materials as traditional and we have purposefully designed our system to be tailored to your needs.


  • Our system is Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF)
  • We are BOPAS accredited for design, manufacture & installation
  • 95% of external cladding systems are compatible with our system
  • 100% of internal finishes are compatible with our system
  • Each home leaves our factory over 90% complete (bathrooms and all)


What are the benefits of building modular for homes? 

From start to finish there are many benefits to be leveraged and many people just like you are unlocking the benefits of a lean, energy-efficient, and sustainable way to build. Engage with us from the start and we’ll help you realise the full potential within your project.

 Some of the more direct benefits to you are: 

  • Quality, cost & programme certainty
  • Accelerated construction output
  • Shorter times on-site

While wider, long-term benefits would be:

  • Working towards Zero Carbon target
  • Reducing fuel poverty
  • Minimal waste
  • Reducing the skills gap
  • Community benefits

 There are of course many other benefits, but we find these the most notable


Procurement routes

Public procurement for local authorities and Government departments. By utilising tried and tested modular housing frameworks that are OJEU Compliant and specifically developed for modular housing projects you have the flexibility you need to reach the ‘best in class’ contractors by mini competition or direct award.

For residential projects we have been appointed onto The LHC’s NH2 New Homes framework and the Crown Commercial Service RM6014 Framework the CHIC housing programme and also the Procure plus Off-Site Manufactured Housing framework


Turnkey solutions

We aren’t building the most homes in the market, but at M-AR we do work differently and pride ourselves in providing turnkey solutions with a partnered approach. An end-to-end service that cuts out all the heavy lifting for you and your team, giving you more time to concentrate on your business and priorities.

Our turnkey solutions offer you everything you need from start to finish. Perfect when you want a partner who will take the stress out of construction. After all, you are looking for a construction solution, right?


Modular homes in my community

We make life as easy as possible for the community and you. When it comes to engaging the community, we are ahead of the game. Your customers become our customers for the duration of the programme, and we will endeavor to keep them informed and to feel included throughout the process.

Our dedicated and experienced site team are more than competent with engaging local residents. Our team deliver regular project insight newsletters, have residents’ meetings to answer any questions and ensure they take timeout to talk to them during the on-site works.

As most of the programme of works is carried out at our factory, the on-site woks are minimal, which reduces the amount of time on site, traffic movements in the local area and in-turn reduces our carbon footprint impact.


BOPAS – What’s it all about

We have invested heavily in our accreditation's to give you the best possible chance of mortgageability from a wide range of lenders. As part of the BOPAS accreditation process our residential system has undergone rigorous quality reviews under the Building Offsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) which included process and quality checks by Lloyds Register and 60-year durability and maintenance assessments by Building Life Plans (BLP).

Our system offers assurance that your new homes and assets have been designed, manufactured and installed to ensure a lifespan way beyond the mortgage term. Providing confidence that our construction system is fit for purpose and meets the lenders requirements for valuation purposes.

Although BOPAS has been endorsed by the wider lending community below are just a few of the affiliated lenders who have all made a significant contribution to the development of the BOPAS methodology:


BOPAS affiliates

We have also written a further article called 'BOPAS - What's it all about?' which will go into more detail 

How much are modular homes?

That is a good question and although every project is different, we understand that you need a guide especially when you are looking for best value and comparing us in the market. This is why we have created some ‘Standard’ house types and released our pricing…

Our homes start from as little as £102ft2  but you will find all the details you need by downloading part 2 of our residential brochure

Download part 2


Accelerating delivery

All of this sounds great right? But how does this work in real life? Well, our Co-Founder Amanda Grimbleby presented an excellent webinar on ‘How to accelerate delivery in construction and leverage the benefits of modular for homes’.

Amanda will take you on a typical customer journey and answers some of the burning questions that you might find, holding you back.

As always, we’d love to know what you think. Are there any questions your would like answers to?


If there is anything we haven’t covered, feel free to use our Chat functions, connect with us on LinkedIn or send us an email and one of our team will get back to you.